Fulldome film 34min

 文明を発達させた人類の根源的な衝動として、自然界に対する接触の願望や制御の欲求は、遥か古代の儀式においてはタトゥーに託されたという説があります。原子核の分裂を制御し、エネルギーを取り出すという文明的に高度な状態に至ってもなお、それらは古来脈々と続けられてきた儀式の延長として、人類の衝動をその根底に認めることも不可能ではありません。生物の発生や増殖がごく自然的であるのに対し、これら人間の営みは創造的であり、不完全です。この数年、天災という自然の脅威と、人災という儀式の不完全さを痛感する出来事が多くありました。これらをきっかけに、人間の創造性について自身の経験を基にしながら制作したのが「AFTER CHERENKOV」です。

What developed this human culture is primordial impulses of humankind, namely our desire of control against the mother nature. In ancient times, people decorated their bodies with adornments and tattoos, and they performed rituals to gain contact with and control against nature. People, in this present times, carry out energy extraction through facilitating nuclear fission, which I consider one of the modern version of rituals. I believe that this kind of desire has never been changed throughout our human history. Although generation and multiplication of living-beings occur in natural ways, these human activities are quite creative, and thus imperfect. The Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011 and subsequently happened Fukushima nuclear disaster showed the menacing side of nature, and also uncovered the imperfection of human rituals: this was an inspiration for my art work, "AFTER CHERENKOV". A Japanese philosopher, Shu Kishida, defined human being as "a species with broken desire". Instead, we as humans obtained creativity. It is of great interest where this creativity is going for. I portrayed them in dancers and body silhouettes floating in the darkness. Just like ancient people devoted themselves into wall paintings deep inside caves, I tried to draw my art work onto planetarium, imagining their hopes.

監督・撮影・編集 / 飯田将茂
振付 / 黒田なつ子
出演 / 奥野美和、水島晃太郎、村瀬瑠美、菅彩美、樋浦瞳
衣装・ボディペイントデザイン / 田村香織
ボディペイント・ヘアメイク / maity
音楽 / 林文彦
VFX / 三上真世
サウンドマスタリング / STUDIO ARM

>>review by Volkmar Schorcht (English)


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