masashige iida
Masashige Iida

Born in 1985, Japan

Masashige Iida is a visual artist. He has presented video installations, short films and 360 degree immersive films. He has often collaborated with dancers, choreographers and musicians.

While the values we hold change with the times, our hearts will always be moved, through an instinct that has never changed since the dawn of man; this is of my utmost interest. We are intuitively aware of this movement of the heart though an inherent, primitive sense that we all have. Today, this movement is never mentioned outright, due to its irrationality, but it is shared in secret. Film is an irreversible temporal art in which the viewer needs to surrender their conscience to the flowing images, during which they may come across an unexpected emotion that comes from within. As a creator, my ultimate goal is to spur this accidental sensitivity though a series of extremely precise actuations. At Lascaux Cave, the ceremonies and prayers done in the presence of the paintings had a definite role within their community. I believe that, even in the context of today’s world, this irrational emotion can be an important factor in enriching society.

2010 Master's program of Art & Design, University of Tsukuba, Japan
2008 School of Art & Design,University of Tsukuba, Japan

Solo Exhibition & Screening:
2016 AFTER CHERENKOV [fulldome screening], Galaxcity, Tokyo
2015 Top Secret [fulldome screening], Science Museum, Tokyo
2012 Catcher in Twilight [fulldome screening], Science Museum, Tokyo

Group Exhibition:
2015 Tsukuba Media Art Festival, Tsukuba Museum of Art, Ibaraki, Japan
2014 Projected Scape -horizontal-, Creators Festa, Shinjuku, Tokyo
2013 Dome Scenery, Tokyo Designers Week 2013, Tokyo
     Holiday 2013, Gallery KINGYO, Tokyo
2012 Dome Scenery, Tokyo Designers Week 2012, Tokyo
2011 ISSUE IMMEDIATE, Medamothi-the csid showroom, Switzerland
     Seriously Playful / Plyayfully Serious:ARS ELECTRONICA 2011, Kunstuniversität Linz, Austria
     Nezumi-Kou, RED CUBE, Tokyo

2014 IMERSA Summit 2014, Denver Museum of Nature & Science, Denver, U.S.
     mono -Art charity show for japan earthquakes-, M Daikanyama, Tokyo
2013 MAMUSKA TOKYO 16, CS Lab, Tokyo Zokei University, Tokyo
2012 Yomotsuhirasaka, Tsukuba Expo Center, Ibaraki, Japan
     Projected Scape, Hachioji Seminar House, Tokyo

2017 FullDome Festival, JANUS Director's Award, Zaiss Planetarium, Jena, Germany
2015 Immersive Film Festival, Best of IFF'15 in Short Crip category, Espinho, Portugal
2014 FullDome Festival, AWARD for Use of Innovative Production Technologies, Zaiss Planetarium, Jena, Germany
2012 Asia Digital Art Award 2012, Winning a Prize, Fukuoka, Japan

飯田将茂 / いいだ まさしげ



2010 筑波大学大学院人間総合科学研究科芸術専攻総合造形領域 修了
2008 筑波大学芸術専門学群構成専攻総合造形領域 卒業

2016 “AFTER CHERENKOV” , ギャラクシティ , 東京
2015 “トップシークレット” , 科学技術館 , 東京
2012 “ゆうやけおばけがつかまえた” , 科学技術館 , 東京

2015 “つくばメディアアートフェスティバル” , つくば美術館 , 茨城
2014 “Projected Scape -horizontal-” , 新宿クリエーターズフェスタ , 東京
2013 “Dome Scenery” ,Tokyo Designers Week 2013, 東京
     “Holiday 2013” ,Gallery KINGYO, 東京
2012 “Dome Scenery” ,Tokyo Designers Week 2012, 東京
2011 “ISSUE IMMEDIATE” ,Medamothi-the csid showroom, スイス
     “Seriously Playful / Plyayfully Serious:ARS ELECTRONICA 2011” , リンツ芸術大学 , オーストリア
     “ねずみ講” ,RED CUBE, 東京

2014 “IMERSA Summit 2014” , デンバー自然科学博物館 , デンバー , アメリカ
     “mono -Art charity show for japan earthquakes -” ,M Daikanyama, 東京
2013 “MAMUSKA TOKYO 16” , 東京造形大学 CSLAB, 東京
2012 “よもつひらさか” , つくばエキスポセンター , 茨城
     “Projected Scape” , 八王子セミナーハウス , 東京

2017 “FullDome Festival” , JANUS Director's Award, ツァイスプラネタリウム , ドイツ
2015 “Immersive Film Festival” , Best of IFF'15 in Short Crip category, エスピーニョ, ポルトガル
2014 “FullDome Festival” , AWARD for Use of Innovative Production Technologies, ツァイスプラネタリウム , ドイツ
2012 “Asia Digital Art Award 2012” , 入賞 , 福岡

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Client works
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